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Zest People is a public health and wellness consultancy. We are a professional team of wellbeing specialists working with both the Public and Private Sectors, community and workplace settings. Our focus is behaviour change for all things wellbeing - physical activity, weight management, falls prevention and well at work services.

Zest in the Workplace

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace                                                 Call us on 01903 660070 

Display Screen Equipment Assessments

Are you a manager, employer or business owner? You care about your staff and are keen to reduce the risk of aches and pains that could lead to sickness absence?
We provide face-to-face Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessments to help you comply with employer legal obligations and create healthy workplaces for an enjoyable day in the office - every day.

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Holistic Workplace Advice

"Stress at work is a major issue, if you want to see how big, see the statistics" say the HSE.
The cost of absenteeism continues to rise, however it can be successfully managed. Zest People provide Holistic Workplace Advice to help you and your team create a healthy working environment - no pressure!
Contact Rachel on 01903 660070 for an informal chat.

Zest Points

Our structured points based system of workplace health activities – to maximise your Zest!
Provide businesses with three key benefits; a standardised system, a recognition and motivational tool of achievement for all staff and a means to assess the effectiveness of the programme against baseline and normative data through regular monitoring and evaluation.

Zest in the Community

Let us help you climb to new heights!                                                           Call us today: 01903 660070

Zest Consulting
Re-mapping Health and Wellbeing
Successful programme management is built on sound tools and techniques. Here at Zest the range of knowledge within our team caters for just about any type of need - it's our approach in getting to know your organisation, it's culture and understanding the outcomes you are hoping for that's the key to our success.

Within the leisure industry there is a tendency for Health and Wellbeing Services, for example, Exercise on Referral, Community Physical Activity and Weight Management Schemes to be delivered at a site level. This can often lead to an under valuation of the organisations overall Health and Wellbeing strategy. Operationally, inconsistent delivery mechanisms and processes can further impact the overall strategy and at the same time provide a confusing entry point for the customer and stakeholders, such as referring professionals and funders.

We build on the idea of the cultural web to show how mapping culture in services can provide an understanding of barriers to change; and identifying the re-mapping required to deliver your Health and Wellbeing Services at their most efficient, highlighting ways of managing strategic change.

We'll provide:
  1. Clarity on budgets, timelines and outcomes.
  2. A passion for collaboration, from your management team driven through to key front-line staff.
  3. A sense of ownership and treat it as our own.
What areas of the UK do we cover?
We cover all areas of the UK. Contact us today on 01903 660070 to discuss your requirements.

Referral Management Service

Our referral management service eases the pain of processing referrals to Healthy Lifestyle Services.
From the point of referral our professional screening service ensures your referrals meet your inclusion criteria. In partnership with ReferAll our sister company's SaaS provide a secure online platform for our team to receive, process and provide KPI data for clear and transparent evaluation.

Tier 2 Weight Management Service

In partnership with Dr Tim Anstiss, Zest People's wellbeing and weight management programme re:balance is a 12 week course for Adults.
NICE compliant, it is scientifically designed to help people lose weight and keep it off. It is not a diet.
Zest have over 3 years experience of managing Tier 2 weight management in East Sussex, if you would like to discuss how we can help you with a tender or programme set-up and delivery, contact Rachel Stokes on 01903 660070 today!
Community Falls Prevention Service

Our community based falls prevention service for the frail elderly at risk of falling provides a 'step down' service for existing NHS falls prevention services or a step up for people unsteady on their feet wishing to prevent a fall.
NICE compliant and based on the LLT/ProFane model we have successfully managed services in Mid Sussex and Chichester for 10 years+. For advice or direction with your service, please contact Rachel Stokes on 01903 660070.


Display Screen Equipment (DSE) ASSESSMENT                                   Call us today: 01903 660070

We believe work is good for you.Your workstation can be too
Do your employees work at a computer during their daily activities?
Employees who work at a computer should have a DSE assessment; if you employ five or more staff it becomes law within DSE legislation and is one of your obligations as an employer within the DSE Regulations (1992 &2002). Your health and safety manual should include a set policy for workstation safety.
Face-to-face DSE assessment
Online employee training is no subsitite for a practical assessment conducted by a member of our professional DSE wellbeing team. They will carry out a DSE assessment for each member of your team, in your workplace. This ensures health and safety requirements are being met for the best possible wellbeing at work.
Our service offers a 30-minute DSE workstation assessment which ensures your company is providing computer workers with a safe, ergonomic workspace and is meeting the requirements of Health and Safety regulations.
What's included?
  • Single workstation risk assessment
  • Seated postural analysis (set-up and training)
  • Pain prevention advice for workstation related tasks
  • Simple desk stretches
  • Report detailing any suggested modification
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Cost Per Person: £79+VAT
A 60 minute advanced assessment is recommended for users with mild symptoms associated with the workstation or ongoing musculoskeletal (MSK) problems that have been diagnosed by a physiotherapist or similar. Part of the assessment is conducted in a private room or confidential area.

Our 60 minute assessment includes the above PLUS...
  • History of MSK condition/s
  • Working posture analysis (while carrying out tasks)
  • Full report (available within 48 working hours)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Cost Per Person: £99+VAT
What areas of the UK do we cover?
We usually visit your workplace for 5 employees or more.Within a 15 mile radius of Worthing, West Sussex, we do not charge travel costs. Outside of this radius travel costs are chargeable however we'll discuss this with you at the time of booking.

Remember, showing you care for your team goes along way! Contact us today on 01903 660070 to discuss your requirements.

WellBalanced Falls Prevention

Mid Sussex WellBalanced Programme - July 2017 Update
Zest People is changing the direction of it's services to focus on workplace DSE assessments and referral management.

When the Mid Sussex Community Falls Prevention Service came up for re-tender in May it was with careful thought therefore, we decided not to submit a proposal. 

We are delighted say WellBalanced is continuing with a new provider. Mid Sussex Wellbeing Service have commissioned the service to Active House Solutions. If you are currently taking part, recently been referred or are a GP or Healthcare Professional referring into the service, don't worry, the service is remaining the same. 

For further information please contact Debbie Beesley on 07415020962.

From all the team at Zest we wish Mid Sussex Wellbeing, Active House Solutions and our team of wonderful instructors & participants all the best - we will miss you!
-Rach, Stu, Hannah and Ed
Chichester District WellBalanced Programme is now CLOSED - April 2017 Update
Although having exceeded targets, the commissioners have changed their offering for falls prevention to a much more low key project that they can deliver, some themselves in house and signpost on to local providers of strength and balance type classes.  The current service ended on 31st March 2017. For further information please contact us on 01903 660070.

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